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Senior Diablo by Sokolov Senior Diablo by Sokolov
I redraw a lot of Jhonen's work to practice. Here is my first; an ink and paper redo of the "part 6" page from JTHM. No computers were used in it's creation (all by hand). I wish I hadn't used notebook paper though...
squibli Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2010
The black and white contrast on this is excellent, just like the actual comics themselves! :thumbsup:
Sokolov Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2010
Thanks for reminding me of this old thing LOL I really should re-read those sometime...
GoatofWisdom Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2005
Wow, the coloring in of all the black must have taken some time... I really don't have the patience to ever do anything like that; I'll end up going crazy and ruining whatever it is I'm working on XD It's terrible, really.

This looks really nice. I adored Satan's design in Jhonen's comics, and you've captured it very well. (Don't you just hate when no one comments on recreations of other's art? That's always how I get a feel for drawing a character or a certain style, by redrawing an existing picture. And for some reason people seem to frown upon that. Damn them. SOMETIMES IT'S FUN TO DO THAT!!! Gaaah. Look, I ranted.)
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